Capital Dosi of He Ping
Official Language Chinese, English, Korean
Demonym Yesulians
Government Grand Duchy of the Ama Realms
Ruling House House of Kuma-Ama
Current Sovereign N/A
Population N/A
Currency Amayen
Official Colors Purple, Gold
Official Animal Unknown
Resource Grade Unknown
Known For Old Site of Magic Academies

The Grand Duchy of Yesul was once the site of the Academies of Magic, but was completely destroyed during the Normandy-Yesul War and remains uninhabited and abandoned. 

Early History of YesulEdit

The story of Yesul began when Lady Ramu of the House of Kuma-Ama explored the vast seas north the Ama Realms around 2710 CE. She was on a journey to discover new land and claim it for the Ama Realms. Landing on a penisula on the Tip of Kirohana, Lady Ramu instigated a conflict between the Ama Realms and the Kingdom of Kirohana that would later be known as the Ama-Kirohana War. By 2718 CE, the Yesul Pennisula was conquered by the Ama Realms and proclaimed as the Grand Duchy of Yesul. Lady Ramu proved her bravery and loyalty to the Ama Empire, and Yesul was finally establish as the Grand Dutchy of Yesul. In honor of the Head Wizard Yahkimeto who had died in the wars for Yesul, a statue of his figure was built in the main square in the Capital City of Dosi of He Ping. The Capital City was named by Lady Ramu, it is a combination of the three official languages of the Grand Duchy of Yesul. It roughly translates into City of Peace.

Dosi, meaning City in Korea

Of, meaning Of in English

He Ping, meaning Peace on Chinese