Ancient Houses PeriodEdit

Before the beginning of history, The Ancient Houses ruled their territories, often clashing with one another. In search of stability and peace, Alexcountry forged the legendary Grand Amulets; Ten were created and distributed among each of The Ancient Houses. With the Amulets came the ability to challenge Father Time, as the effects of aging were slowed. But it did not have the capacity to cheat death. The Amulets extended the lives of the ancient rulers, but their time would soon end. As the last of the Ancient Kings perished despite the power of the Amulets, a baby was born. His birth signaled the emergence of the new age.

Global Timeline 0 CE+Edit

Time Events Wars
0 CE
  • 0 CE: Emperor Ama is born in the Ama Realms. History begins to be recorded.

The Missing Years

100 CE The Missing Years
200 CE The Missing Years
300 CE The Missing Years
400 CE
500 CE
  • 510 CE: Ama Realms: Christopher I of the House of Hsieh embarks on a journey from the Ama Realms across the Palantic Ocean into present day Yesul in search land in Hurrah to conquer for the Ama Realms Empire.
  • 530 CE: Normandy + Ama Realms: Christopher I of the House of Hsieh lauches a coup that ends Ama Sovereignity of the Ama Hurrah Territories and establishes the kingdom of Normandy.
600 CE
700 CE
800 CE
900 CE
1000 CE
1100 CE
1200 CE
1300 CE
1400 CE
1500 CE
1600 CE
1700 CE
1800 CE
1900 CE
2000 CE
2100 CE
2200 CE
2300 CE
  • 2390 CE: Ama Realms: Birth of Emperor Hachiko of the Ama Realms.
2400 CE
2500 CE
2600 CE
2700 CE 
  • The Ama- Kirohana War
  • The Ginto Revolution 
2800 CE
  • The Ginto Revolution
  • The Alasia Revolution
2900 CE
  • The Hotaku Revolution (2922 CE - 2926 CE)
  • The Normandy- Yesul War (2928 CE - 2930 CE)
  • The First Stanford War
  • The Munich War
  • The Second Stanford War
3000 CE

3100 CE