The Kingdom of Sekisetsu
Capital Sekyo
Official Language Latin and Japanese
Demonym Sekains (Se-Kai-Uns)
Government Absolute Monarchy
Ruling House Kuragari Clan
Current Sovereign Her Imperial Highness, Lady Setsu Setsuna, Sovereign Empress of Sekisetsu, the Land of Fallen Snow, Black Dragon of the Kuragari Clan
Population 20,000,000
Currency Segari
Official Colors Black, Silver
Official Animal Dragons
Resource Grade Unknown
Known For Dragons and other Unknown Mythical Beasts



In the past people of the North lived in the now known as the Ama Realms. It was until several centuries  ago that a calamity stuck their people which caused them to travel to the freezing North. At the time, the Ama and the Sekains lived in harmony for many years. However, the population had begun to grow and the Ama Realms could no longer support the large population. The Emperor of Ama at the time had wished to expand his empire, but the Seikan Officials did not agree with his views. As a result, he had many of the Sekian Officials exiled to the North. Many Sekian’s were enraged by this act, eventually a rebellion had begun to take shape. The Ragian Rebellion finally begun after several Sekians are put to death after disobeying the Ama Emperor. The Rebels, called the Ragai are the origins of the present-day Army. They looted and destroyed many small cities in the Ama Realms, slowly advancing to the Capital. The emperor was enraged by this uprising, vowing to exterminate the Sekian race. The Ragian Rebellion was quickly put down by the massive Ama Army. Fearing capture, a fellow Sekian known as Suratsu lead the people to survival. He lead them to the North, and they eventually established the Kingdom of Sekisetu. There, Suratsu learned the skill of flying dragons and taught fellow sekians. They grew to be a prosperous nation, eventually rivaling the Ama Realms as we know it. The boy was recorded in history of time and will never be forgotten until the Sekains fall. His descendants continues his legacy, becoming the Kuragari clan, currently led by a descendant by the name of Lady Setsu.

Modern HistoryEdit

It wasn’t until people of the North have been discovered as the Ama Nation was being constructed that after a month an alliance was formed. Lady Setsu was not yet appointed leadership at that time until she proved worthy of leading a nation. It was after a raid into the eastern lands that she became leader, while using mythical beasts to destroy opposing enemies. As of now people in the Ama Nation still borrow their power to capture nations throughout times of war.