The Grand Duchy of Okane

Capital Lumière Island
Official Language English
Demonym Okanians
Government Constitutional Monarchy

(Dynastic Union with the Ama Realms)[1]

Ruling House The House of Ama
Current Sovereign His Imperial Highness, Prince Goldn of the House of Ama, The Noble Grand Duke of the Royal Islands of Okane, Grand Duke of the Ama Realms, Royal King of Arms, Secretary-General of the World Islands, Duke of Yamaharu, Duke of Otakamochi, Prime Minister of Arcadia, Knight of Hachiko and the Arcadian Gagaberry
Population 2,500,000
Currency Amayen
Official Colors Gold and White
Official Animal Unknown
Resource Grade Unknown
Known For Gold, Spices, Education, Banking

Off the shores of the Ama Realms lies the lush tropical paradise that is Okane. Here, lies islands of superb brilliance and unspoiled natural beauty undisturbed by the destructive force of human colonialization. Diaphanous cream clouds hover above visitors here as they are are enchanted by the sound of crashing waves, thundering waterfalls, and the mysteries hidden in the lush canopy. Visiting Okane is truly an adventure to behold!




In Okane, health care is provided through the Okane Health Service, a publicly funded health care provider offering comprehensive health care to the residents of the Okanian islands. The Okane Health Service is funded primarily through general taxes but is also subsidized by the Reserves of the Royal Treasury.  


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Geography and EcologyEdit

The Grand Duchy of Okane consists of various, mostly uninhabited, islands off the coast of the Ama Realms. Formed by both continental drift and volcanic activity, the landmass of these islands has been continuously changing for millions of years, built up by fire spewed from the center of the world then weathered by the constant beating of the Palantic Ocean waves. The rivers on the larger islands contain Gold, a major resource of the the Grand Duchy. The Big Barrier Reef off the coast of these islands cushions the Hazzah mainland from full blow of tropical storms. The only inhabited Island is the Capital, Lumiere Island, an important stopping point for transoceanic trade. The rest of the Islands form the Okane Nature Reserve, an internationally protected greenbelt which teems with life.
Bora Bora - Mt Otemanu

An Island of Okane

Iguazu Falls

Heaven Falls

Island of Evening DewEdit

The largest of these islands, the Island of Evening Dew, is a biologically diverse hotspot home to cunning mermaids, rare gumihos, and a plethora of other various exotic fauna and flora. The coastal region of this island is noted for its distinct pockets of black sand beaches, a clue to its volcanic origins. These beaches have an important

El Salto Angel (completamente alucinante y magico)

Argent Falls

role in the life cyles of mermaids; it is here where they mate, reproduce, and leave their young. The serene coasts give way to dense jungle corridors and a jagged mountainous interior, both teeming with life, but more inaccesible to a human visitor. The weather is unpredictable, and predators abound. However visitors who are successful can marvel at the dense groves of imposing Moneywood Trees, which can grow taller then even the Home Tree of Lumiere Island. The island's name alludes to the perpetual blanket of thick fog over these regions which supply water to the desirous groves. The mountainous terrain and the overabundance of water have another positive effect: waterfalls. Near the center of the Island is the world-famous Heaven Falls, a two mile stretch of the Okane River, crisscrossed with alluring cataracts and powerful showers. Local legend, surmises that these falls, this spot, was the site of all creation. It is here where the remains of Okane's past rulers, members of the House of Okane, are intered in the Okane Royal Tombs. This is the only site of human disturbance on the whole island, the only mark of man on an otherwise natural landscape. Emerging above the ever-present clouds is the Argent Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the world and a fitting crown for the island of natural paradise.

Lumiere IslandEdit

The capital of Okane, built in the canopy of Lumières Island, is the sole city in the Duchy of Okane and is, arguably, the financial capital of the
Tikehau, archipel des Tuamotus

Seaside Resort

world.  A dense agglomeration of waterfalls, forests, and tree-bound buildings connected together with canal and bridges, the city soars above the forest floor in splendor and in majesty. Constructed largely on a small forested section of the ocean, the 'island' is actually a combination of buildings built on the skyscraper tall Saltwater Mero Trees, and floating boat-like sections. Okane University, the premier university of the world, is located in the central part of this tree complex, built on the island’s tallest grove, locally referred to as the Home Tree. Imposing water wheels, dot the
Late Summer on the Grand Canal -Explore 9-10-13-

Ama Merchant Quarter

local environment like the gems on a jeweled crown. An extensive system of canals forms the arteries of this capital city serving as the main and fastest mode of transportation in the city. Lumieres Island, owing to its location, periodically suffers from destructive tropical storms in which storm surges can engulf the islands, leaving a considerable path of destruction. A large seawall has been constructed around the city for defensive purposes against these storms and possible military invasions. Viewed from the shores of the city, the seawall cannot be seen as it is located miles offshore and encompasses the ocean surrounding Lumières Island allowing its inhabitants to take advantage of the picture perfect view that this paradise island capital has to offer.

Okane University Edit

Okane University, a premier world university, is a located in central Home Tree of Lumiere Island. Founded in the years of the ancient houses, it is the oldest center of higher education and has educated countless past kings, queens, and members of royal and noble families.