The Kingdom of Normandy
Capital Ronan City
Official Language English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French
Demonym Norman
Government Absolute Monarchy
Ruling House House of Hsieh
Current Sovereign His Serene Majesty, Norman of the House of Hsieh, the King of the Kingdom of Normandy, King of Mocha
Population 90,045,900
Currency Norman Dollars (Asset-$14, 500, 000, 000)
Official Colors Red, Gray, Gold
Official Animal Unknown
Resource Grade Unknown
Known For Technology, Medicine, Cuisines (Seafood), Iron Resources, Gold, Gems, Cotton (from New Normandy)

The Kingdom of NormandyEdit

This remote land was founded as a new world by discoverer and ruler, King Christopher the First. At least 3,000,00 square feet of it is land, it contains the population of 50,045,900 as of November 2011. Unlike all the rest of the countries, it is also the most peaceful country and has declared through very few wars. It is one of the most powerful country of the world and the second richest country aside from Ama Realms. The country is known for it’ technological advances and medical fields. The country has ever rarely been through a financial crisis due to successful trading and development of iron mining.

King Norman HsiehEdit

Also known as His Serene Majesty, Norman of the House of Hsieh,  the King of the Kingdom of Normandy, King of Mocha, King Norman Hsieh was born from the royal bloodline of the Hsiehs, and inherited the throne of King Christopher the Second. His fascination towards medicine and technology inspired him to influence and embrace his citizens with education, philosophy, and sciences. Graduating from the prestigious University of Okane, he hopes to obtain the skills to become a well leader.

Unfortunately, Not long after retrieving his throne, King Norman’s sister, Princess Kerry was kidnapped by Ama Realms  during the Hotaku Revolution, as remembrance for the brutality they have caused towards Ama Realms in the past from the previous ruler and thinking that the Kingdom of Normandy was once involved with the Hotaku Revolution. To this day, there is a memorial set in front of the palace in remembrance of Princess Kerry and her kidnapping, hoping that one day she may find the resemblance of the statue, to find her way back home.


Structure of Power:

1. King

2. Queen

3. Princes and Princesses

4. Nobles and Priests

5. Knights

6. Soldiers

The King gives out all the orders of the country including the the shipments of food corporations and companies to the movements of the military, while the Queen is aside the vice.

The prince and princesses are taught of the ruling of the country and the royal position will be passed down the royal blood, when it is time of the retirement of the king or queen. But if their rulings are still not up to the point, the previous kings or queens could replace them up to their decisions. (The first king has a higher advantage of changing the positions even though they are retired.)

The nobles and priests controls the churches and finances.

Knights controls the military armies while the soldiers and the police controls and protects the citizen of Normandy.


Kingdom of Kirohana

Kingdom of Cheongnam

Kingdom of Sindy

Kingdom of Arcadia

Trading Ports

Port Sanfra in Ama Realms

Port Degree in Okanes


The Nicholas War- Victory

Death to the Queen of Mocha

In current control of Kingdom of Mocha

The Normandy-Yesul War - Stalemate

Destruction of Yesul

Treaty between Ama Realms and Normandy


The Conquered Lands of Mocha

After the death of King Norman’s brother, Prince Nicholas of Normandy from Her Royal Majesty, Ambrosia Yoon of the House of Lai, Sovereign Queen of the Kingdom of Mocha, Normandy soon forcefully annexed the Kingdom of Mocha with widespread international condemnation. The overthrow of the once stable House of Yoon by Norman forces created regional instability with outlaws and criminals disrupting trade route of the transoceanic trade system. The annexation of the fiercely proud nationalistic Mocha proved a doubled edged sword for Normandy as it gained useful resources but contributed to widespread international disdain for Normandy and eventually the Yesul-Normandy War.

Normandy-Yesul War

After the dispute with the citizens loyal to Queen Mocha, the only way the citizens may consider the rule of King Norman is only if he took care of the tension between the two countries of the Kingdom of Mocha and Yesul. Going all out to complete their satisfaction, King Norman decided to wipe out the Kingdom of Yesul from the world. Unfortunately, Normandy breached international protocol by invading Yesul, the location the world’s only magic school and the home of magical children from all over the world. While the ruler of Yesul tried to convince him why they shouldn’t destroy them, with guilt he must do what is wanted from his people. However, he allowed the escape of several refugees. The island in the end plunged to the bottom of the ocean, to their end.