The Kingdom of Musik
Capital Mélomane
Official Language German, French, and Italian
Demonym Musikians
Government Principality
Ruling House House of Musik-Ama
Current Sovereign His lmperial Highness, Wynter of the House of Ama, The Crown Prince of the Ama Realms, Prince of The Kingdom of Musik, Knight of Munich
Population 1,100,500 as of July 2011
Currency Notes
Official Colors Blue, White, and Grey
Official Animal Crow
Resource Grade Unknown
Known For Music, Sports, Sailing

Öffnen Sie die ohren und Entendre La Misque- "Open the ears and hear the music"

The Formation of the Land of Musik Edit

   After his ruling of banishment, Prince Wynter and his royal followers left the land with their instruments in search of a new country, in hopes of creating a new kingdom. As they traveled, they would play their instruments to lighten their sadness, which attracted many new followers. After countless of weeks, Wynter and his followers arrive at a land that has not been conquered. He took this opportunity and started out his small kingdom. As weeks flew by his kingdom grew prosperous and bigger, due to the kingdoms love of music, he gained many more royal followers. He established his kingdom as the Kingdom of Musik. The Kingdom of Musik is located in a country by the sea surrounded by a forest separated from the land of exile by mountains. Sharing the land with the forest animals, they have lived together in harmony. Though hard to find, many find this place by listening to the distance music that is played constantly by this kingdom. His kingdom, though infused with European influences over music, art, and living, his government is the similar to his family's government that he grew up with in his childhood before banishment. Though, with similar government, the kingdom of Musik does not have an army, as it is a peaceful kingdom. Its location usually protects and hides it well from many enemies around the land.

Life in the Kingdom of MusikEdit


The government of Musik is led by the Prince Wynter of the Ama Realm. Being the only heir and the only ruler, the government converted to Principality. Which is an monarchy only ruled by a prince, also called princedom. The prince alone controls his kingdom under fair rules and has immense control. Though there is a noble ranking, they do not have any power over this kingdom.

Structure of Power/Order:

  1. Prince/ Ruler

  2. Nobles

  3. Citizens

  4. Commoners


There is currently no army for the Kingdom of Musik due to their protection of the environment. However, during the war an Ama Army was established called the Frantenllenza Mafia (‘Brotherhood Mafia’) who has long been disbanded.


The kingdom of Muisk’s official currency is Notes which comes in denominations of 1, 5, 10's, and 100's.

The currency is represented by N (called notes) which is used exclusively in Musik.

The largest bank, Das Musik Schaffung, is located in the heart of Musik, in the capital Mélomane, which is led by and over looked by Prince Wynter.


The fashion style of Musik revolves around the sea and use of formal music attire. In the summer, men often sported sailor suits (made of short sleeve shirts and shorts), while women often wore dresses or similar clothing to the men. In the winter, both men and woman often wear more formal clothing like traditional concert attire (it features suits for men and dresses for women).


The Musik Education System is one of the most prestige out of many of the other countries. And is also one of the nations leading country in tutoring/ private studies. The kingdom spends nearly 3,000,000,000 N in education alone. Most of the money are gathered through taxes and donations, as well as Prince Wynter’s personal funding.


           Private Studies

All children before entering school, usually starting at the age of 3, are required to have 1 year worth of private studying with a tutor. After graduating from the academy, the young adolescent has a choice of whether to go to university or not. If they decide to go or not, they still must complete another 2 years of private study in their field of work before entering the job. Usually this private study is done as internship or apprenticeship, but some have finish it through tutoring as well.


After private studies, many children enter the academy at the prime age of 4. The school starts them off with Primary Academics (Grades 1-3). Here they start doing general studies, they are also introduced into music and sports. After they completed these levels, a child who majors in either music or sports are then sent off to different academies. Many students attend University of étude, on which they finish Upper Academics (Grades 13- 17). Those who do not pursue either studies stay in the same academy to finish general studies before moving on to a regular university.

           Music Academies

After finishing the Primary Levels, children who major in music are taken to specialized private schools. Many attend école de musique, which they are known for having the best music instructors as well as musical prodigies. Students who attend are then instructed in an intense course of music studies as well as language studies. Under music academies, they follow a different course of grade levels; they finish school having gone through Middle Academics (Grade 4-12) as well as Musical Besuch (Grades 13- 15). After they head onto a music university, depending on course of study at the academies, they stay for the Upper Academics (Grades 16- 18) finishing a year after normal students. When school is completed, they start their independent practices, but they are required to find mentors.

           Sports Academies

Though the kingdom of Musik is not as well known for sports, they have some of the finest schools in this field. After completing the Primary Academics they are sent off to a sport school relating to their choice of interest. Some of the more popular sports are fencing, swimming, and lacrosse. The school system is different from the other schools, as students train and study all year long, even during the summer. They finish the Middle Academics (4- 12) 2 years before normal students, however, students have 1 year dedicated to the sports training before heading off to a sports university. If they decide not to pursue sports as a major, students usually attend Upper Academics (13- 17) as many regular students do, most however, continue the path and attend l'unversité des sportes, where they go through a similar rigorous study and practice as they did in the academies. Their grading system is a bit different as they only finish up to grade 16 and proceed to start their training for 2 year before drafted into a sports team to play.

The Battle of MunichEdit

During Prince Wynter’s reign over the kingdom of Musik, news broke upon the entire country, that his mother, former queen Chisana, was banished from the Ama kingdom. Prince Wynter, who did not see this as a threat, did not know that Queen Chisana, with her loyal followers has been sent to the land of exile, in which she formed her strongest army. By mid-year, during the solstice, she sent her army into the kingdom of Musik, for a secret attack. Luckily this secret attack was not successful, as the mountains kept this kingdom well hidden. The prince upon hearing of this attack, quickly sent message to neighboring lands as well as the Ama main land in ask for help.

“Dearest Father,

    My kingdom is in urgent need of your army and help. We are being under attacked by the former Queen Chisana. We do not have an army, as my kingdom has lived on its own as a peaceful nation. There are a few followers that was once in your army, but we are too few in numbers to fend off Chisana’s vast army. If you do not respond quickly, our kingdom shall surely perish soon, even this land we are hidden in can not fend us for long. We are limited in days, as i set forth to fight against them myself, father i hope you receive this message before it is too late.

                                Your Son,

                                 Prince Wynter” -Message from Prince Wynter to King Ama

Upon receiving this message, king Ama quickly sent forth his army, and immediately requested other nations to send their army to the Kingdom of Musik. The battle of Munich, was a fierce and intense battle, lasting over months. The combined armies of Ama, Arcadia, Tiffanyland, and Holand, fought hard against The Evil Federation, with the causality rate of over 10,000 a week. Along with some of his followers, Prince Wynter, fought against The Evil Federation, disobeying every one's advice not to. The people of Musik, during this battle, housed, nurse, cooked, and helped in every way possible for them. At last, the armies prevailed and fended off The Evil Federation, in a ambush attack. It was a day of celebration but as well as a day of silence, as the kingdom of Musik was left in ruins. Though many families were joyous others were not as they witness their sons and daughters die during the war.

“The Day is December 31

    The War of Munich has ended, but at what cost? It has left our Kingdom in ruins and with many casualties. I am in much pain to write this, but I have seen my comrades and my closes friends die upon that battle field. I have even seen my own mother die by the hands of this war. This war we fought, a war my mother brought upon herself to put thought. I do not know if my nation will ever recover from this attack, but I know that I will possibly  be haunted until the end of time by this battle. Mark this day as the day of great sorrow as well as great victory. I can not write much more, for I am deeply injured, however, I hope a day as this will never come again.

                                        -Wynter”  -A Entry from Prince Wynter’s Private Journal

Many people speculate why this war happened, many people say it was because banished Queen Chisana, hated her son Wynter with much passion. Others say it was to deal damage back at her husband for banishing her. And many others say it was her final wish to destroy the Ama family. Though no one would truly know why, as she died in the war. Many people are alluded on why this war was named The Battle of Munich, it has been said from countless of people, that it was because King Wynter of the Kingdom of Musik, had once went to this city as a child and had fell in love with it, or that he was originally born in Munich, and was brought back to the Ama mainland. No matter what or why this battle happened, it had changed the course of the kingdom of Musik.

 Alliance with AmaEdit

After the brutal war, Prince Wynter, was greatly injured and was hospitalized for many months. During these months, he thought and messaged the king of Ama to thank him as well as talk to him for an alliance. King Ama, pleased to hear this, took this fairly light handily and agreed to the alliance. This alliance called the FHP, Forever Holding Peace, has gained a reputation of being one of the strongest bond out of all other nations.