The Kingdom of Mocha (New Normandy)
Capital Yoon
Official Language Backwardese, English
Demonym The Chas
Government Absolute Monarchy
Ruling House House of Hsieh
Current Sovereign His Serene Majesty, Norman of the House of Hsieh, the King of the Kingdom of Normandy, King of Mocha
Population 10,000,000
Currency Yoons (Asset $14, 000, 000, 000)
Official Colors Gold, Timber Green, Navy Blue
Official Animal Unknown
Resource Grade Unknown
Known For Cotton, Tea, Herbs, Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine

Founding of MochaEdit

Situated south of the Eyo Mountains, the Kingdom of Mocha was established through obscure origins. The House of Lai have risen to power through several successful campaigns against the invading Arcadians. These conflicts would later form the basis of Anti-Arcadian sentiment that continues in Mocha to this day.


Current Monarch:

Her Royal Majesty, Ambrosia Yoon of the House of Lai, Sovereign Queen of the Kingdom of Mocha

His Serene Majesty, Norman of the House of Hsieh, the King of the Kingdom of Normandy, King of Mocha

The Kingdom of Mocha is an absolute monarchy known to possess Matriarchal Ideals in government. The reigning monarch and all citizens of the kingdom are required to be female.

Structure of Power:

1. Queen King

2. King Consort, Princesses and Princes

3. Duchesses

4. Noblewomen

5. Dames

6. Windslayers

7. Citizens

8. Males

The Herb TradeEdit

The Kingdom of Mocha produces 90% of the world’s marijuana, heroin, cocaine, as well as several hallucinogenic magic mushrooms. This accounts for more than 80% of the economy of Mocha while the other 20% is attributed to the lucrative tea produced by these herbs. The legal sale and export of drugs have led to controversy with other nations.

The Capital of YoonEdit

The capital of Yoon is a complex military fortress characterized by their spiral layout and impenetrable walls. Designed to ward off invading Arcadians, the layout and walls have served their purpose well for several centuries following the wars. For most of the year the capital is draped in a distinct thick layer of fog due to the unusual mountainous terrain and location by the sea.

Prince Nicholas of Normandy and the Kingdom of MochaEdit

During Prince Nicholas of Normandy’s expedition to travel the world, he made visit to Mocha, which he was escorted to Her Royal Majesty, Ambrosia Yoon of the House of Lai’s Sovereign Queen of the Kingdom of Mocha’s kingdom and was enchanted by her beauty. He wanted to make her his thus asking her into marriage. Despite his family’s opposition to the marriage and King Norman’s warnings of how her Royal Majesty has a history of killing her formal family members, he married the young queen, removing him the the line of succession of the Normandy throne. After Prince Nicholas proposed to her at the heart of the Rose Garden, with flaring fireworks in the sky writing,

“Marry me Ambrosia,

You'll never have to be alone,

I love you and that's all I really know,

I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress,

It's a love story baby just say yes.”

Prince Nicholas then made a very moving speech of how he is to declare his love for her by stating “I want my sdick in your wHole” which made Queen Ambrosia to fall into tears of happiness and accept his proposal. Secretly she laughed and his poor attempt of winning her over and planned her next move to take over his older brother’s kingdom of Normandy. Furthermore, Queen Ambrosia was scheming a evil plan: she planned to seduce King Norman and kill him when he was sleeping. Queen Ambrosia underwent an operation to increase the size of her bosoms, but the spell had failed and made her bosom sag instead. Even though the spell failed, the Queen was an extreme narcissist, so she thought they looked beautiful. Norman remained unfazed. She soon performed a powerful spell on herself in enhance her womanly curves. Although Queen Ambrosia made several attempts to show off her newly enhanced body, King Norman remained unfazed yet again. Angry and humiliated, Queen Ambrosia accused King Norman of being interested in the same sex. She tried one last time and place a final spell on herself, appealing to King Norman’s desires. The plan backfired and Queen Amber grew a beard and lost her breasts, and a penis emerged from her womanly pocket. As his eyes met hers, King Norman was swept off his feet. Ambrosia ran away and came back after the spell her penis fell off.

After discovering the fact that Prince Nicholas knew about her past, Queen Ambrosia murdered Prince Nicholas only a month after the wedding and sent his severed testicles. This prompted a foreign policy disaster with the kingdom of Normandy. It was soon revealed that Norman was born without a penis, and his infertility caused Amberosia to commit suicide, thus ending the Royal House of Lai.

Normandy soon forcefully annexed the Kingdom of Mocha with widespread international condemnation. The overthrow of the once stable House of Yoon by Norman forces created regional instability with outlaws and criminals disrupting trade route of the transoceanic trade system. The annexation of the fiercely proud nationalistic Mocha proved a doubled edged sword for Normandy as it gained useful resources but contributed to widespread international disdain for Normandy and eventually the Yesul-Normandy War.