The Lunarians were isolated from the world as they kept to themselves and archived the history of what was happening around them. However, they did go out on purifying expeditions when hired; this is how they gained items and other resources that Lunaria did not have. The priestess (Usually one priestess goes out with a band of people accompanying her) also went on pilgrimages around the world to gather more information for the Lunarian archives. Currently Lunaria holds the largest well of information and history in the eastern hemisphere. They believe in the goddess Lunariane who bestowed upon them the country's most important rule to live by: "Sacrifice for the greater good." They possess one of the amulets.

Lunaria- Country of the Moon
Capital Jericho
Official Language Alkina
Demonym Lunaria
Government Priestesses of the Moon
Ruling House Royalty of Diana
Current Sovereign High Priestess Luna, Priestess Celina,Priestess Amaris, Priestess Orana, Priestess Taini
Population 3,400,000
Currency Trade
Official Colors Blue, Black
Official Animal Wolf
Resource Grade Unknown
Known For Moonstones, Poisons, Elixirs, Wolves, Meats, Archives/Documents

Life In LunariaEdit

1. Those who Hold PowerEdit

Structure of power:

  1. High Priestess Luna- The main priestess who performs the main rituals; she very rarely goes off Lunaria as she is required to perform rituals.
  2. Priestess Celina, Priestess Amaris, Priestess Orana, Priestess Taini- They observe and record while occasionally helping in the important rituals. They still do other minor rituals.
  3. Chosen Future Priestess- They train so that they can inherit the title of priestess. They are chosen when they are babies and taken from their families to be put into the shrine until they are of age and inherit the title.
  4. Sacrifices- They are given a week of the most extravagent food and items that they want and treated like royalty for their sacrifice. Once the time is up, they are sacrificed (though this is not shown to the public).
  5. Citizens- The normal religious people who believe in Lunariane whole-heartedly which contributes to the five priestess hold of power over them.

2. Military ForceEdit

By itself, Lunaria is not known for its military might nor does it have very stong offensive strategies. The only known "military force" are the five priestess who are the only people the werewolves will obey, thus making them the only known offensive force. However, the Moon Alliance between Lunae and Lunaria proved to be advantegous for both sides as while Lunaria provided the Lunae resources, Lunae proveded Lunaria with a large viscious fighting force capable of defending both countries easily.

3. EconomyEdit

Lunaria does many exports from moonstones to (secretly on the black market) poisons. However, since the Lunarians are a very religious group of people, they obey the five priestess unconditionally. Thus, the priestess control all the food and makes sure everything is well; because of this, Lunarians do not use any form of currency. Currently, the Lunarians obtain imports by trade as many countries are interested in the capabilities and the power in moonstones. The land is abundant in meat but is not suitable for grain or vegetables so that is one of the main imports of Lunaria. Since Lunaria is not a battle oriented country, the citizens hunt by using their wolves which each citizen is allowed to choose one when they are just kits. The wolves hunt for them and in return, the wolves are given treats and a house to sleep in if need be. The priestess, however, have packs of werewolves at their disposal which they use to hunt much more efficiently than the normal citizen, thus making them the main gatherer of food and only causing a further elevation of their goddess-like statuses. The werewolves prefer human meat but the priestess have a tight rein over them, however, every fullmoon several sacrifices are chosen as Goddess Lunariane demands it but in reality they are fed to the werewolves to appease them. This is not known by the citizens who "sacrifice for the greater good".

4. EducationEdit

Citizens: Lunaria is a religious based country so from a young age of three to even through the adult stages, all citizens are required to attend the weekly sermons of the priestess. This is the extent of the education for all citizens as they are only taught what they should know in order to keep the people oblivious to the going-on's behind the scenes.

Next Priestess: The next generation of priestess are cultivated from when they are a child to believe and be obediant to the priestess. Their education is radically different from the one's of a normal civilian as they are overloaded with information. They learn the basic rituals and as they grow older, the more complex ones that require sacrifices. Once the priestess have deemed them dirtied enough from sins, they will then pass on all of their memories into the new priestess thus effectively taking over their minds while their old body dies. 

Priestess: After the effective transfering of memories, they learn poisons and go over the archives to keep up to date with all the history. They are also in charge of observing rituals to add to the archives, they gather information of the happenings around the world.

High Priestess: The priestess who has dirtied her hands the most thus making her the best choice to actually carry out the rituals as it requires a cold hand to not hesitate and kill the sacrifice. There is one segment of information transfered since long ago that only the high priestess can know and this is the reason why they are of a higher position than the other four priestess.

5. TransportationEdit

Due to the fact that Lunaria was isolated almost since the beginning of time, they do not have any durable boats nor anything else to get off the land instead relying on hitching a ride with others. It is only through trading with Normandy (Moonstones for boats and drugs) that the five priestess are able to gather more information and improve human relations between Lunaria nd other countries. This is how moonstones were mroe popularized as the priestess spread the propoganda to heighten trade. Most of the people in Lunaria ride wolves around, they are different from werewolves as they are able to be imprinted to each individual person rather than the werewolves who will only obey the priestess. The priestess ride around on their werewolves which are larger and much faster than the normal wolf.

6. ReligionEdit

The Lunarians share a religion and sacrificial song with the nearby relative country Lunae. The myth begins long ago when  Every full moon several sacrifices are made, this is the sacrificial song 

The moon is high in the sky tonight

tell your family, "goodbye"

You will not die in vain, for the goddess Lunaraine

Don't you dare hide child, look me in the eyes

Every sacrifice can not be denied.

Treaties and PactsEdit

Moon Alliance- The alliance between Lunae and Lunaria. Mutual agreement is that Lunae will be the army and protect the lands while Lunaria will provide food and moonstones to them for powering up their unicorns.

Trade AgreementsEdit