Capital Harmonia City
Official Language English, German, Gaellic, Spanish, and French
Demonym Harmonian
Government Absolute Monarchy with Parliament
Ruling House The House of Harmonia
Current Sovereign Current Sovereign: His Majesty, Emperor and First Royal Lord Joshua Bustamante Jeremy Augustus Wilhelm Monte Cristo Harmonia(JBH for short), Overlord of the Harmonian Empire and Commander-in-Chief of the Harmonian Army
Population 25,500,000
Currency Panzer
Official Colors Black, White, Red
Official Animal Cat
Resource Grade Unknown
Known For Known For: Marble, Timber, Bricks, Iron, Amber, Cotton and Textiles.

Harmonia is relatively new country containing a medium-sized population. Harmonia is considered an empire as it unified the tiny princedoms and kingdoms into one main state and seeks to expand its borders. It is ruled by the newly established House of Harmonia by its ambitious leader, Emperor JBH. The tiny empire seeks to be as important as the powerful and established countries of Normandy and Lunaria. 


Flag of Harmonia and Center Royal Coat of Arms

Geography of HarmoniaEdit

The empire is situated in the Acadeca Citystates, located in southern Hurrah, in an area known as the "Cotton Belt". Due to its location, it allows the nation to have a monopoly on the largest supply of cotton and has made it into a major exporter of textiles and cotton. The climate is mild and relatively humid only in the summers, but allows for a great amount of agricultural production to feed its empire and huge harvests of cotton. The empire also has cave systems that allow for the mining of iron and amber, which are becoming major exports.

Life in HarmoniaEdit

1. GovernmentEdit

The structure of power is as follows: First the Emperor and Empress, next the Crowned Prince and Princess, then the Grand Duke and Duchess, followed by the Grand Lord and below the rest of the non-royal lords, dukes, and duchesses. The rest of the power is held by the foremost Kalvarienberg, or renowned Harmonian calvary, and officers. Afterwards, the power is held by the soldiers, citizens, commoners, and non-citizens.

2. ArmyEdit

The Harmonian Army is one to take interest in, as they becoming one of the most renowned forces known. The Army consists of a main troop core, an auxiliary core, and their renowned calvary force. The main army core consists of about 2 million enlisted troops, 500,000 in reserve, and use some of the most aggresive tactics and weapons available in the empire. Their regualr wepons layout include a two-handed sword, a single-handed sword, two back-up parrying daggers, and as a last resort a stabbing dagger. They are characterized by their spiked, curved helmets, their black and white uniforms, and yellow shoulder straps. The auxiliary core is mainly comprised of non-citizen troops or irregulars that play supporting army roles and also are used in combat, especially for defense and reconnaissance, and number to 500,000. Their appearance is the same as the army, except having a gray uniform with black shoulder straps and a regular curved helmet. Their weapons layout consists only of a single-handed sword and one parrying dagger. Finally, the Kalvarienberg, or calvary, is the centerpiece of the entire Harmonian army itself. The calvary force has 3 million enlisted troops and are renowned for various reasons. First and foremost, they are known for using unique and unusual weapons. The standard, primary weapon may include a double-bladed naginata, a halberd, a double-edged broad saber, or a longsword, depending on the user's choice. For back-up weapons, they include sabers, double-edged rapiers, and finally 7-inch javelins. Second, their calvary uses unusual animal native only to their land, consisting either of an eel-hound and king emus, depending on the military tactics needed. Eel-hounds are a mixture of a komodo dragon and a lizard, having a bulky, smooth appearance. they are approximately the size of a horse and weigh approximately the same as well. They can run up to 30 mph, and have some of  the toughest scale armor known. They are highly-aggresive and are trained to do lunge and slash the enemy as well as use their spiked 6-inch tails, so they are used for major campaigns. They posses th unusual abilty to swim rapidly in deep water and can run over shallow water as well. King emus are like regular emus, with a size of eight feet but weigh in on 200 lbs. They are able to withstand arid conditions and can travel about 50 mph and require little food and water to survive. They are mainly used for quick, mobile offenives where speed is necessary. Next, one should note that all troops receive extensive hand-to-hand combat, as army troops can use kung fu techniques, auxiliary troops use judo, and calvary troops are experts in swordsmanship and ju-jutsu. Finally, calvary troops are also experts with explosives, as they are armed with bombs. These can either be Molotov cocktails or small oil-filled grenades and these esplosives are carried in packs of 10 among each calvary troop, used to clear out enemies and for am bushing.

3. EconomyEdit

The official currency of the Harmonian Empire is the Panzer, with denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000, with the currency symbol PA. It is acceptable in all regions of the empire and are adorned with faces of the royal house and the highest currency with the emperor's face. The Harmonian economy is industrial, placing an emphasis on mining, textile manufacturing, ore processing, and military production. The empire has a government monopoly on cotton allowing the empire to be a major exporter on cotton and textiles, selling them far below the world price and reaping huge profits. They are also known to have major sources and processors of timber, bricks, and marble, making building materials abundant and in great demand. Iron is also a major resource, as numerous refineries, weapons manufacturers, and metalsmiths are found in Harmonia and are known for craftsmanship quality.Finally, they also specialize in extracting amber, a precious gemstone. It is sought after by the aristocracy for its high quality, a decorative stone, and in jewelry. It is also speculated that amber can have unusual magical properties. Harmonia also has a government monopoly on this resource as it is the only known source of this newly discovered commodity.