Kingdom of Arcadia
Capital Ecclesia
Official Language English, Jibberish, Llama
Demonym Arcadian
Government Absolute Monarchy
Ruling House Liu Clan
Current Sovereign Her Royal Majesty, Queen Jeanne of the House of Liu, Queen of the Kingdom of Arcadia, Princess of the Ama Realms, Grand Duchess of Radiani, Grand Duchess of Krania, Dame of the Arcadian Gagaberry and Munich
Population 30,000,000
Currency Gald
Official Colors Blue, Silver
Official Animal Unknown
Resource Grade Unknown
Known For Cookies, Mystical Creatures


The Beginning:

Thousands of years before, a group of humans discovered the existence of mystical creatures on land. They built a small hut and began to bond with the creatures, especially dragons. The humans would bake them cookies and the dragons would give them transportation and access to plenty of resources that other humans could not. Later, the humans decided to sell and trade their cookies. Soon, they became richer and richer as their business grew and expanded. They had so much money that they built a new kingdom and was accepted by other neighboring royals as royals. The new royals decided to call this kingdom Arcadia, meaning contentment, happiness, simple pleasure, and untroubled quiet. Arcadia’s population grew as more and more civilians from other kingdoms came to look for a new peaceful life and heard about the legends of Arcadia’s famed cookies. 

The Arcadian-Ama Alliance:Edit

As the Ama Realms recovered from the Ginto War, they sought to build alliances with neighboring countries.  Emperor John of the Ama Realms agreed to have his daughter, Princess Katrina married into the Liu Clan. Princess Katrina and the Crown Prince of Arcadia, soon married and had a child who they named Jenny. Arcadia’s royal family, the Liu Clan, was obliterated during the Liu massacre which was put in motion by the Standfords with the help of the Ama Empress Chisana leaving behind one girl and her mother--ending the line of succession in the Liu Clan. Princess Jenny and her mother, Queen Katrina, were the only remaining survivors of the Liu Clan. Soon after, Queen Katrina became ill with an illness and was unable to rule the kingdom effectively. Therefore, Jenny became the new queen. Jenny had brought the kingdom to new heights that Arcadia had never been able to reach before through large scale cookie production. However, that was all about to change...

The Arcadian-Okane Alliance:Edit

After a few years of peaceful ruling, the newly appointed Queen, Jenny, has encountered a slight diplomatic crisis. The duke of Okane, Goldn or Jeffrey, began to colonize Arcadia with no signs of warning. Determined to resolve this problem, Queen Jenny arranged a peace treaty with Okane. She was hesitant, but thought it was for the best. She officially gave up Okatomochi to Okane after much thinking. Due to her quick thinking, both sides were spared any casualties and Arcadia gained a powerful ally while Okane gained a large city.  Below states the full document of the conditions in which the treaty was made in:

“Declaration of Peace and an Act of Alliance between Arcadia and the Islands of Okane 

On this day July 5, 2011 I hereby declare an alliance between the kingdom of Arcadia ruled by Queen Jenny of the Liu Clan and the Duchy of Okane ruled by Grand Duke Goldn of the Ama Clan. In case of war or natural disaster, these countries shall provide each other with assistance in the form of resources or military  strength. The Duchy of Okane pledges to honor and respect the territorial land claims of the kingdom of Arcadia and pledges full support to Arcadia’s liberty, monarchy, and independence. In exchange, Arcadia will cede the Duchy of Okatomochi to Grand Duke Goldn and will give Okane access to cookie reserves“  

The War of Arcadian Secession:Edit

Standfordia had been ruled by the Liu for centuries sought a chance to overthrow them and conquer Arcadia. They had put in motion a massacre which had killed most of the members of the House of Liu. However, to finally taken control of Arcadia, they would have to be assimilated into the royal family by marriage. The crown prince of Standford requested to be married to the Queen of Arcadia, Jenny, but she refused the outrageous arranged marriage and escaped to the Ama realms. Queen Dowager Katrina had been too sick to travel to the Ama Realms with her daughter, but she told her to give a letter to Emperor John requesting assistance. After recieving Katrina’s plea, Emperor John and Duke Goldn declared war with the House of Standford. After learning about this, the Standfords were enraged and invaded the capital city of Arcadia, Ecclesia. They burned the Crystal Palace of Eccleisa and razed the city. On the night of July 6, 2011 Ama forces had launched an attack on the Standfords. After much fighting, Queen Jenny’s forces died down. Ama and Arcadian Forces were forced to return to the Ama Realms. More troops were gathered by the Ama and Arcadian armies, making a total of 10,000,000 troops. The Standfords had assistance from the Evil Alliance making their total force well over 30,000,000. When all hope seemed lost, a Gaga berry was discovered. Queen Jenny added this berry in her batch of Arcadian cookies which was rationed to Ama and Arcadian Soilders. Ama-Arcadian troops then returned to Arcadian and continued the War. Ama-Arcadian troops were at an advantage early on the battle due to the power obtained from the Gaga berry. Queen Jenny started to summon Arcadia’s dragons and used them to drop cookie bombs onto the Stanford troops from the sky. During the Battle, Queen dowager Katrina was discovered, and transferred to the infirmary directed by Duke Goldn. Queen Jenny stayed by her mother’s side, and King John proceeded into battle on his Phoenix. King John was wounded in battle, but saved as Queen Jenny gave him a full Gaga berry. The result was an Ama Victory, and Arcadia was saved. Peace treaties were later signed with Standford who agreed to give up most of their land to the Arcadian Crown as punishment.   Below states an exerpt of the conditions in which the peace treaty was signed:

Treaty of Peace between the Kingdom of Arcadia and associated allies and Standford

“I hereby declare..... The great lands of Standford to become Arcadia’s as redemption of the war and sacrifices Stanford has caused, but I will allow them to keep a small part of their land for the rest of the innocent civilians in Stanford to live in. The leaders, however, will not be forgiven for the bloodshed that resulted from their selfish desires.”

Munich War:

Bitter over their loss, Standfordia established the Evil Alliance consisting of the Evil Federation, Mocha, Hanover, Schronburg, Burvaria, Lishe, Holstein, Lazarland, Stanley, Lauder and Bahemia. Led by Demoted Empress Chisana, the Evil Alliance invaded Musik and waged war on the Ama Realms and their Allies. As the battle went on in Musik, a Standford and Mocha force invaded Arcadia and penetrated deep into the country and crossed into Gotham shortly after. The Ama Realms, Arcadia, Musik, Tiffanyland, Gotham, Kounat and Holand retaliated and tried to fend off the invaders. By the end of the War much of Arcadia, Musik, and Gotham were reduced to ashes. Although the invaders retreated, the Allies had lost the war against the Evil Alliance. Arcadia was severely weakened and was forced to give up Standfordia and much of Southern Arcadia to the Evil Alliance.

The Marriage Peace Treaty:Edit

After losing to the Standford's, the countries decided to do a thorough peace treaty that will ensure that the Standfords or the Evil Federation Party would not attack them again. Much to the Queen of Arcadia’s reluctance, she decided to marry the Crown Prince of Stanford. Standford acquired a significant amount of each of the kingdom’s land. Not forgetting the massacre of the Liu Clan and how the Stanfords killed so many people in both of the wars, the Queen of Arcadia feels an immense hatred towards Crown Prince Voldemorta. Despite this, in order to ensure peace in the kingdoms, she marries the prince. Ever since, her days has been gloomy while the now King Voldemorta is happy with all his acquired land and having Arcadia, his most desired kingdom, in his possession. But her days of suffering all ends when Queen Jeanne meets the Crown Prince of Animalia, Namik Wallia, while traveling to the Ama Kingdoms to visit her family and newly allied kingdoms from the war. They fall deeply in love, but due to the fact that Queen Jeanne is married to a man she can’t divorce for the sake of her kingdom, they cannot be together. But the Animalia Kingdom also thinks Stanford as an enemy as it turned the mystical creatures of Arcadia, who were close friends to Animalia’s own creatures, into slaves. For this reason, and for him to be together with the Queen of Arcadia, Crown Prince Namik officially declared Standford as Animalia’s enemy with the help of his father, King Cecil. A new ally has joined... Will it be enough to defeat the seemingly unbeatable Stanfords? 

Through Animalia intervention, Queen Jeanne was able to reclaim her rightful throne to the Kingdom of Arcadia. The resulting war was named the Second Standford War and resulted in the victory of Arcadia. After defeating the Standfords, Queen Jeanne divorced Crown Prince Voldemorta and rebuilt Arcadia from the ashes. Standfordia was allowed to keep their kingdom under the condition that that surrender the province of Radani and their new world colonies to Arcadia. Much of the new world colonies previously owned by Standfordia was transfered to Okane and the Ama Realms as Queen Jeanne recognized their help in defeated the Standfords. 

Life In ArcadiaEdit

1. Government

Although there are some similarities in Arcadia’s government compared to other kingdoms’, there are some significant differences. Arcadia is also ruled by one leader, the king or the queen. The king, or queen, has total control of military decisions, such as declaring war on another nation. They also have power over the kingdom’s food production, such as cookies. The prince and princesses are right below and have some control of the military, but the king or queen would have the most absolute order. They have control over some food production as well, but not cookies, as the one who rules is the only one who is allowed to control cookie production. Right below the princes and princesses are the head chef baker. He or she is responsible for checking the production of cookies and is said to be the best at baking them in the whole kingdom. Below the head baker are the great rulers.

1. King or Queen / Prime Minister

2. Princes and Princesses

3. Executive Head Baker

4. Dragon Riders and Mystic User

5. Nobles

6. Paladins

7. Foot soldiers

8. Commoners

9. Criminals

10. Cookie monster ←--he ate all the cookies.... =_=


Members of the Liu Royal Family:


Her Royal Majesty, Queen Jeanne of the House of Liu, Queen of the Kingdom of Arcadia, Princess of the Ama Realms, Grand Duchess of Radiani, Grand Duchess of Krania, Dame of the Arcadian Gagaberry and Munich

Queen Dowager

Her Royal Highness and Imperial Excellency, Princess Katrina of the House of Neko-Ama, The Queen Dowager Consort of the Kingdom of Arcadia, Duchess of Candyland, Princess of the Ama Realms, Head of the pedigree Imperial cat clan of Neko-Ama, Imperial Cat Sovereign of the Ama Realms, Dame of the Arcadian Gagaberry

Alliances and Treaties (See History)Edit

1.The Arcadian-Ama Alliance

2.The Arcadian-Okane Alliance

3.The Marriage Peace Treaty