The Ama Realms is the largest country in the known world and contains the world's largest population. The Ama Realms consists of a commonwealth between several states that operate as a part of the Ama Realms Empire. It is led by one of the oldest and most recognized Ancient Houses, The House of Ama

The Ama Realms

Capital The Capital of Ama
Official Language English
Demonym Ama
Government Absolute Monarchy with the Council of Nobles
Ruling House The House of Ama
Current Sovereign His Imperial Majesty, Emperor John-Sama of the House of Ama, The Omnipotent Emperor of the Ama Realms and the Ama Dominions beyond the Seas, Secretary-General of the World Islands, Knight of Hachiko and the Arcadian Gagaberry
Population 110,000,000
Currency Amayen
Official Colors Red, Gold
Official Animal Unknown
Resource Grade Unknown
Known For Medicine, Fragrances, Textiles, Poultry, Agriculture, Timber

Geography of the Ama RealmsEdit


Geography of the Ama Realms

The nation is blessed with an abundance of natural resources that span across the five provinces. The north is a mountainous region categorized by it's snow and thick old-grown forest. The temperature of the south is fairly comfortable, and the wide plains makes it the perfect candidate for substaining the large population of the Ama Realms. 

Life in the Ama RealmsEdit

1. GovernmentEdit

Structure of Power:

1. Emperor + Empress

2. Grand Duke and Grand Duchess

3. Crown Prince and Princess Royal

4. Dukes and Duchesses

5.Princes and Princesses

6. The Imperial Pedigree

7. The Circle of Nobles

8. Knights

9. Soldiers

10. Citizens

11. Commoners

2. Army

The Army consists of The Imperial Ama Army, Imperial Naval Forces, and two Mafias that the Eldest Prince and Princess Royal controls. The Imperial Ama Army is the largest Army of the the known world with 10,000,000 enlisted troops. They have the ability to use Phoenixes in battle, giving them a clear advantage. Another significant amount of troops are enlisted in the Imperial Ama Naval Forces, with numbers totaling up to 2,000,000. They currently patrol the oceans around the Ama Realms. Crown Prince Wynter had control of the Fratenllenza Mafia, although they have since disbanded while some followed Wynter after his banishment to establish Musik. At their height, there were a total of 190,000 members. The Princess Royal, Princess Kisa is currently in control of the Stella Nera Mafia, which has grown in size after the establishment of Tiffanyland. Their total enlisted troops are 650,000, with most of them serving as the Ama Palace Guards and overseas at Tiffanyland.

3. Economy

The Ama Realms official currency is the Amayen which comes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, 100, 500, 1000.

The symbol of the Amayen is AY. It is used by all Ama sovereign states.

The Ama Realms is known to produce fragrances, textiles, and poultry.

4. EducationEdit

The Ama Education System is one of the largest and most extensive of all the countries. The Ama Realms pledges over 500,000,000,000 AY to Education Alone. Most of the money comes from educational taxes and donations by the House of Ama.

1. Citizen Academies

Many civilian children begin their education at the age of five. These academies are free of charge and are funded solely by the Ama Realms Government. There are many Primary Academies (Grades 1 - 5) , and Upper Academies (Grades 6 - 12). Upon Graduation, students attend Universities (Grades 13+). There are also special academies that cater specifically to the careers of the students. Students are encouraged to transfer to different countries if necessary to further enhance their education. There are multiple universities for students to choose. One of the most prestigious universities is the Okane University located in the Grand Duchy of Okane.

2. Magic Academies

At the tender age of 4, children of magical origin are sent to the vigorous magic academies through out the empire. Many end up in the Duchy of Yesul, known for their witchcraft and magical bears. There they are to follow the education system of Yesul, until the age of 18. Instead of continuing magic education solely in Yesul, older witches and wizards are encouraged to look at options throughout the magical world. Many magical students choose to attend the Okane University and the Ama University of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

3. Music Academies

Generally, music is a class required in the Academic Curriculum of students, but those who wish to pursue a career as a musician are encouraged to attend the vigourous Music Academies of the Kingdom of Musik. It is recommened that students are taught German before attending the Music Academies of Musik due to their German National Language. Many who choose attend are provided visas and become foreign exchange students, but often are behind on their studies. They are to follow the Musik Education system, but most return at times of War or other disasters if the king issues a decree. After graduating from the Musical Besuch (Grades 13 - 15), students of Ama Origin may choose to stay in Musik for their final education or transfer to the Okane University department of Musik for further studies.

5. TransportationEdit

The Ama Transportation System is made up of Hiko Transit, Animal Transit, Mass Transit, Sea Transit, and Foreign Transit.

Passport/ License Pages:



1. Hiko Transit

The main transportation of the Ama Realms is the Hiko, a vehicle that hovers slightly above the ground. Despite being designed hundreds of years ago, the Hiko has evolved and has become a stable of Ama Transportation. Nearly 70% of Households in the Ama Realms own a Hiko. The Hiko has the shape of a Koi Fish, and is powered by Hiko Crystals citizens recieve after getting their Prawo Jazdy, or license. They are made up of several Magical Stones, some of which glow after the Hiko has started. To start a Hiko, Citizens insert the Hiko Crystal into Ignition and turn it, activating the Magical Powers that cause it to hover slightly above the air. Once started, parts of the Hiko will continue to glow until the Hiko has been safely parked. It creates no noise when being activated or while traveling. The Hiko is fueled the stone Halite, located in the center. It will never die out, and will contine to contain its power even after the Hiko has been destroyed. Hikos can travel on any road harmoniously with other types of transportation.

2. Animal Transit

The use of animals for transportation has long been in the History books of the Ama Realms. Before the invention of the Hiko, Animals were used for main source of transportation. The Ama Realms is famous for their Phoenix breeds, and have used them for centuries. Citizens are able to ride phoenixes on a saddle or have them pull a carriage. Horses can also be used in the same way and are more commonly found then their phoenix counterparts. A variety of different animals from foreign kingdoms can also be used for transportation. These include unicorns, tigers, lions and also dragons. The use of animals have declined over the years.

3. Mass Transit

Cities in the Ama Realms requires mass transportation in order to run smoothly. There are several railways powered by magical stones running through the city that connect the major cities of the Ama Realms.

Ama Realms Territories

Grand Duchies

  1. The Grand Duchy of Okane
  2. The Grand Duchy of Yesul
  1. The Duchy of Yamaharu
  2. The Duchy of Otakumochi
  3. The Duchy of Candyland
  4. The Duchy of the Dragon Islands
  1. The Principality of Tiffanyland
  2. The Principality of Musik
Overseas Territories
  1. Ama Colonies
  2. Okane Protectorate
Trading Ports
  1. Port Pepsia in Normandy
  2. Port Noga in Normandy
  3. Port Yeongsul in Arcadia
  4. Port Haneul in Sandyland